August 25, 2018

Reservations (General)

For security reasons we have eliminated our online reservation. Before making any reservations, visitors who have not been to our club in the last year should review the online “New Visitor Registration” guidelines before calling for a reservation. We will run a criminal background check on each adult visitor prior to creating a reservation. We can also run this check via a phone call, but credit card information will need to be provided to cover the cost of the background check. The fee will be applied to your account for use on your first visit.

Once the background check is complete, we will send a confirmation email that you are approved for entry into the Ranch. At that time you can call us at 512-273-2257 to make your reservation.

All reservations require a credit card on file to cover the charges. This credit card will not be charged until the day before your reservation begins. At that time an invoice will be created and paid by the credit card given.

Incidentals like snacks and meals, are generally paid at time of checkout with whatever payment method the visitor chooses. After checkout, any unpaid invoices will be paid by the the credit card on file.

Cancellation of a reservation requires 48 hours notice. Email:  or call 512-273-2257 to cancel a reservation. Any standing reservation less than 48 hours prior to the start of the reservation, will be charged for the entirety of the reservation period. (Late cancellations will be charged a minimum 48 hours.)

Late arrivals: 

If there is a possibility of a late arrival or after office hours, please call the office no later than 3PM to notify us. We will make arrangements for you to enter the gate and access your site. Late arrivals are only allowed to visitor who a renting a site. No Day Pass visitors will be allowed after the office closes.

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