May 12, 2019

Volunteer at the Ranch

Star Ranch survives because of the great member volunteers. If you want to get involved with the upkeep of our ranch or help food preparation for our meals, this is the place to go. You will get to know more folks faster and have a great time while doing this much needed work. So volunteer to help in any way that you can.

We are currently only posting the Food prep volunteer form. Please help if you can. Our goal is to get at least 30 volunteers who can help prep our standard weekend breakfasts as well as holiday meals. If we can get 30 people, we will be able to rotate individuals where they won’t be over committed. I know most of us can give a couple hours a month to help in this, so don’t hesitate, help us out !

Volunteer to help prepare meals on the form below

After filling out the form below, you will get a call in the next few days to check your available times.
Jean will fit you on the schedule to your desires.

To Volunteer, you must have visited at least one time in the last year and background check completed.