March 9, 2023

Star Ranch Volleyball

Pass, set, spike and get down in the sand! Soak up some sand along with your dose of sun and swimming pool and meet great people! Known for miles of trails, our fantastic swimming pool and legendary 5k races, Star Ranch also brings the fun to the volleyball court.

Star Ranch enjoys sand volleyball on two courts through organized tournaments and on-demand challenges. Major summer holiday weekends offer scheduled tournaments with prizes going to the winning teams – come get some memorabilia to go! And the call to play by members, visitors and guests can happen spontaneously – at any time – on our two lighted sand volleyball courts. Either way, when the bell rings, it’s time to play!

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Sand Volleyball (AKA Sahnoball) used to be kind of like a cult at Star Ranch. We played on and off throughout the day on any given weekend whenever somebody rang the bell at the court.  We could have as many as 5 or 6 teams of players and sometimes you’d have to wait awhile just to get on one of two courts. Tournaments on the big weekends usually lasted until 12 – 2 am with as many as 24 teams. Some of the players were in their 70s, and I always wanted to be one of them when I got to that age (and I’m getting close). Over the years most of those players have moved on, gotten too old or passed away. We’re trying to rebuild the volleyball culture here and need more players.

If you’ve never played nude before, you should really give it a try. It’s amazing how much better you can play without the restriction of clothing. That’s why the original Olympic athletes didn’t wear anything. You don’t have to be nude to play here so you can ease into it at your own pace or just wear something if you want.

-contributed by Mike K