August 4, 2018

1st Time Visitor Information

If you are new to nudism, Star Ranch is a great place to begin your venture into the nudist lifestyle. We are a family friendly community that will make you feel very comfortable in your own skin. Our staff will do everything in its power to make you feel both welcome and comfortable.

We pride ourselves in providing a safe environment for all ages to enjoy social activities in a clothing optional environment. We require all members and visitors to act as if they have young children near them at all times. Lewd behavior is not tolerated and warrants immediate expulsion from the ranch. We run background checks on all visitors and will deny admittance to anyone who ever acts in an inappropriate manner.

Star Ranch visitors and members come in all different shapes and sizes. The best way to describe what body types you will find here is to go to any public sports event, or community event and envision everyone without clothes. That’s what you will find at Star Ranch, a little of everything, just like anywhere in the USA. So don’t worry about appearance, everyone is judged by whats in their hearts and their treatment of others.

If you have not visited Star Ranch in the last year we suggest you telephone the Star Ranch office (512-273-2257) in advance to complete your registration, which will expedite your sign-in process. Otherwise you may be waiting in the office for the background check to complete, which may take an hour for results to be returned. 

Everyone Must Stop at the Office – all family members, friends, etc. – no exceptions.  Being a Private Club we use our rights to determine who is allowed on Star Ranch Nudist Club property. These requirements are for the protection, safety and security of our members and visitors.

**Note: No Firearms**

See Check-in process for more information