December 8, 2017

New Visitor Registration

Thank you for your interest in visiting Star Ranch! 

To register, please telephone the Star Ranch office (512-273-2257). All of your information is always 100% confidential.  We will run our security check based on the information you provide and let you know once your registration is processed. Before calling to register, please read the Rules page as well as the meaning of Family Oriented.

Upon completion, you will pay $30 which we use to cover the cost of your background check.  We will credit $28.83 back to your account for use on your first visit. No refunds if you decide not to come to Star Ranch or you do not pass the background check!  You will have 12 months to use the credit for a visit. Our daily gate fee is $35 per day for Single/Qualifying Couple or Family. Children qualify as part of the family if they attend school or are too young for school. 

At check-in, you must show your valid ID to verify that the background check matches the photo ID of the person(s) who registered. We look forward to your visit!

In order to qualify for couples pricing, your driver license must reflect the same last names or the same address. There will be an additional charge at the time of your visit if these qualifications are not met.