October 25, 2022

Firewise Investment

Star Ranch Firewise Risk Reduction Investment Status and Reporting

Please add your efforts to the Ranch’s risk reduction investment commitment on this page.

There are dozens of Firewise activities that can be credited towards our investment commitment. More detailed lists are below the form. Activities such as removing brush, cleaning gutters, buying fire extinguishers, etc etc all qualify to maintain our In Good Standing status.

The biggest question may be how to answer the “How much” question. For the moment, please report how many trips to the burn pile you made and what you used to transport the vegetation. That will get things started.

Note: This form is a preliminary version, subject to change as feedback is received.

Work Examples

Removal of trees

Burn pile management

Removal of debris from deck

Inspecting\repairing roof

Raking leaves


Expense Examples

Fire extinguishers

Tool purchase\rentals


Food&beverages for workdays

Equipment maintenance & repair

Safety equipment

Admin Examples

Consulting with forest service

Preparing maps

Meeting with local fire departments

Completing assessments

Fire extinguisher training

Writing wildfire educational articles

See more details at these links