March 12, 2020

“Member Owned”


Member Owned versus For Profit – What’s the Big Deal?

Welcome to Star Ranch, a member owned nudist community! Whether this is your first foray into social nudism, or whether you are a long-time nudist, we hope you enjoy your time at the Ranch.

Since many nudist venues are NOT member owned, you may be wondering what the difference is between a “for profit” and a “member owned” club. For profit clubs are just that, they are owned by an individual or corporation and are a business. Star Ranch, on the other hand, was established in 1957 by 6 families. These original families set up a club that is owned and operated by its members. Since 1957 Star Ranch has grown well beyond those original 6 families; however, it is still governed, maintained, and enjoyed primarily by its members. The Ranch welcomes visitors and offers RV, tent camping, and cabins for rent. All of these, along with the grounds, hall, pools and the like, are primarily maintained by the member volunteers, with a very small cadre of paid staff; many of whom are, as you might expect, members!

All events and activities at the Ranch are run by volunteers. Members take time out of their busy lives to plan and run events for the benefit of all members and visitors to the Ranch. The Ranch’s Governing Board and Membership Council would be happy to accept members assistance in planning or running any of the various activities and events held at the Ranch throughout the year.

Finally, you should know that a limited number of members live full time at the Ranch. They have invited you into their backyard, so to speak. Please show your appreciation by being respectful at all times and following the Ranch Rules in order to keep the Ranch a family friendly nudist venue. We want to honor the legacy that those founding families started in 1957 and ensure Star Ranch is available to members and visitors alike for years to come!

(contributed by Rob D. Mar 2020)